some days
some days I wish I worked with my body
and not my head.
that my hands would dig and scrape
the earth shovel by shovel.
that I would pick and gather flowers
drawing in their sweet perfume
navigating my fingers around their thorns
the sun bright and clear
reflecting off my translucent skin.
my muscles contracting and expanding
pulling and pushing with each lift
the voices in my head a little quieter
a little calmer in their plans, their never
ending scheming.
humming sweet soft melodies over
the whistling wind
only before lunch or after it
no feeding on the stories, the news
the tragedy of the day
questioning whether I am wasting time
according to a mirage of picture perfection
far far away
from this patch of grass
which my back is now cushioned with
eyes towards the sky
the sun falling away
as the night begins its turn
my body aches and yearns
for a sleep well deserved
too tired to second guess
all I thought I should have done
content with what has been.
some days I wish I worked with my body
and not my head
— Taryn La Fauci



Taryn La Fauci

the album has now been mastered and Ryan and so happy with the end result

can’t wait to share it with you


Taryn La Fauci