Taryn La Fauci

 “Cycling,” the debut album


       OUT on June 30, 2017



First Single, out Friday June 2, 2017

Last week Sydney based singer-songwriter Taryn La Fauci released the gorgeous new video for her single “Life of Song”. The track perfectly showcases La Fauci’s powerful lyrics and stripped back, acoustic accompaniment.
— Timber and Steel
“La Fauci’s voice is lilting and lush, particularly when paired with arrangements of strings, percussion and slide guitar.”
— The Brag
Taryn’s lyrics may at first seem rather personal and inward-looking, but closer attention will invariably yield the realisation that the situations and stances reflect the listener’s own experiences just as much.
— David Kidman, Fatea UK

Debut EP - Released 20 February 2014




Recording in Def Wolf Studios

Recording in Def Wolf Studios