the story so far

the life of song / they say is this the life you want to lead / it’s a hard ride / on no money
— The Life of Song


With most childhood summer holidays spent wandering between cane paddocks in Tully, meandering along the sandy shorelines of Mission Beach or having her head buried deeply within a book, Taryn has always been drawn to introspection. From those small country town holidays to travelling the world, Sydney became her home 5 years ago and it is here that singing and writing turned from having always been a way to process her experiences internally to performing them for intimate audiences on stage.   

As her travelling has expanded her, so have those stories shaped her writing and no more than her debut album “cycling”. Written through a time of disbelief, sadness and hope, her words carved space and light into the shadows of experiences no-one is free from meeting, even when you may not ready to face them.